Personal Work-out Programming

Looking for the detail WOD at Home has to offer, but it is just a little to general for you.  Do you have something specific you are training for or have mobility restrictions where finding the right scaling option can be difficult?  Do you want to focus more on strength, running, rowing, biking, football, etc.?

Want to:

Focus on pure strength,

Focus on Olympic lifting,

Train for a marathon,

Train for an obstacle race,

Train for a specific sport, or

Have equipment restrictions or additions to WODatHome you would like to incorporate,

Let Kyle custom build a 6-week work-out program to get you where you want to be.  Here is how it works:

You will let Kyle know how many days you want to train a week, your specific goals, and any mobility issues.  He will tailor fit a work-out program utilizing all the same principles as WODatHome, but custom to your needs with a long-term or short-term goal in mind.  He will be sure you have everything you need to follow the program, you’ll have email access to Kyle for any questions you may have, and video coaching is always available as an add-on too.