Mile run

Timed Mile (January 31, 2015 deadline)

Date            Mile time


9/24/14      5:50:04

10/6/14       5:44:82

10/15/14     5:35:86

10/31/14     5:39:95

10/31/14     5:30:00      Sub-goal – Missed – achieved 2 days later

11/2/14       5:27:58

11/21/14     5:34:50      I ran on a wet track, that’s my excuse at least.

11/30/14     5:20:00      Sub-goal

12/12/14     5:17:86      I met my sub-goal of 5:20 a little late but feel good about it.

12/31/14     5:10:00       Sub-goal

1/24/15       5:33.87     Huge step back here. This is following Christmas, 2 sicknesses and a week long ski trip.  Oh my, the excuses      are piling up.

1/31/15      5:00:00   Final Goal

1/31/15        5:24.31      Not a huge surprise here but it didn’t keep me from being very upset.  I will still reach the goal.


This page is dedicated to tracking the goals of the members of the community.  We will track the shared goals of the members and help along the way.  Everyone is welcome to join Coach Kyle in his goal to run a 5 min mile by January 31, 2015* or as soon as possible. We recommend everyone choose his/her own goals with the main objective of being excited about the challenge. E-mail us at with your goals, we would love to be part of it and help in any way we can.

*If joining Kyle, make sure to make your own mile time goal based on your fitness. Kyle ran a mile in 5:50:04 on 9/24/14 when his goal was made. Be ambitious but reasonable.