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How do I get started?

  1. Register with WOD at Home to join the thousands of monthly viewers and get full access to daily WODs and the WOD Foundations Course,
  2. Log-in, and
  3. Follow WOD at Home for your constantly varied work-outs that will constantly challenge you in new ways and allow for you to continually experience gains in your progress.  Work hard and you will undoubtedly reap the benefits.

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Them vs Us

What is WOD at Home?

WOD at Home is a workout program, or weight training program, based around functional exercises that translate into real world activities.  It is for EVERYONE!!!  It will challenge the professional athlete as well as provide a great, scaled workout program or weight training program for anyone trying to get back into shape.  No more wasting your time and money in a globo gym on the elliptical (when will you ever run like that in real life?) or on the shoulder fly machine (really?) and wondering why you are not in good shape.  No more early morning boot camps or trying to fit fitness classes into your busy schedule.  Turn your overall wellness around and become the athlete you were meant to be.  Lose weight, gain lean muscle, and tone your body all from home.  Run half-marathons because you feel like it without specifically training for it months before.  Do that local mud race all your friends have been yammering on about without a second thought.  Increase your performance in your club league, whatever it may be.  Look good and feel good with minimal equipment form home without ever having to step foot in a gym.

There is a virtual class agenda that steps you though exactly what to do each day at home for the weight training program in a way that you can easily fit into your schedule.  It is not a 90 day weight training program that ends and leaves you scrambling to find what’s next. Simply follow the constantly varied, WOD at Home workout of the day and get ready to work hard and see drastic results.

Why would I pay for WOD at Home when there are free work-outs everywhere on the internet?

WOD at Home was created by two garage gym athletes who followed various workout programs and weight training programs, who have now run one of the most successful gyms in Austin, TX.  Remembering back to their garage gym days and the difficulties they ran into trying to follow any type of legitimate weight training program at home with the equipment they had, they created WOD at Home.  In their garages, they would search endlessly for effective workouts that were good for the home gym, but with that randomness, there was no structure to the weight training program they followed…actually, no real program at all.  WOD at Home is never ending and updated daily with fresh workouts.  Although they may seem random, years of experience and collaboration goes into the order and types of workouts provided to maximize results.  WOD at Home wants you to be good at everything without focusing too much on one or two specific things.  By cycling exercises and constantly changing what each workout is trying to accomplish, you will have time to develop competency with exercises, make gains, and move on, so there is no plateau.  Be ready to work hard and attack your weaknesses  to earn increased body composition, lean muscle mass, higher energy through-out the day, and just being awesome at life.

Also included with a WOD at Home membership is access to the 12-module WOD Foundations Course which will coach you through most of the movements utilized in the program.  Beginner and advanced athletes will see great benefits from creating a good foundation from which to build.

Comment on the WODs to be held accountable and experience the WOD at Home community that would be missed by choosing random WODs online.

Your WODatHome membership allows you FULL access to WODatHome.com including:

* daily-updated WODs strategically planned and tested with details and instructions you will not get from other WOD websites,

* progression pictures of the daily movements used for quick reference on form and technique,

* links to video instruction for all the movements,

* scaling instructions and modifications for all fitness levels,

* equipment substitutions to fit your home gym,

* all 12 modules of the WOD Foundations Course,

* personal feedback and assistance from experienced trainers,

* CF Whiteboard work-out tracking,

* WOD at Home Mom: information and resources on scaling and modifying WODs for pregnancy and motherhood,

* and much more!

WODatHome.com is an all-inclusive site for those who want to work-out at home, those looking to up their level of fitness, trainers looking for resources on WODs, coaching, and starting their own business.

We are continuously working to add to and improve our site!  Check out our Testimonials page to read what our members are saying!

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How do I follow WOD at Home?

WOD at Home makes following an at-home workout schedule super simple.  Each day you log in to WODatHome.com to view your WOD (Workout Of the Day), or you can sign up to have the WOD emailed to you each day.  You can also view video links explaining and teaching the movements for that day.  Once you complete your WOD, share your times, questions, successes, etc. on our message board.  Our WOD at Home fitness community is an encouraging and helpful environment from which you can receive support, feedback on questions or concerns, keep track of your fitness goals, and possibly even spur a little friendly competition.

Am I in good enough shape to complete the work-outs?

WOD at Home is a workout program, or weight training program, based around functional exercises that translate into real-world activities.  It is for EVERYONE!!!  It will challenge the professional athlete as well as provide a great, scaled workout program or weight training program for your grandmother.  There is a virtual class agenda that steps you through exactly what to do each day in a way that you can easily fit into your schedule.  There are links to videos explaining each of the exercises in the WOD (workout of the day), so there are no questions about how to workout in your home, if you are doing the correct movement, or if you are performing it safely. There are even resources for scaling and modifying during pregnancy!  Simply follow the constantly varied WOD and get ready to work hard and see drastic results.

What kind of exercises will I be doing?

Centered around cardiovascular endurance, gymnastics, power-lifting, and Olympic weightlifting, WOD at Home gives you a complete workout program / weight training program to follow with the assumption that you are working-out at home and have limited equipment at your disposal.  Each day, WOD at Home provides mobility exercises to perform, a dynamic warm-up, a workout, a cool-down, exactly how to substitute the exercises depending on the equipment you have and your fitness level, and links to videos explaining and teaching the exercises needed for that day.

WOD at Home is a dynamic workout program that utilizes a kettlebell, a pullup bar, and a barbell, as well as incorporating your body weight to perform sit-ups, push-ups, air squats, burpees, etc.

I have never lifted weights, done weight training, know what a “clean” is, burpee, etc.  How will I know if I am doing the WOD correctly?

Every workout has links to videos that demonstrate and explain the proper way to perform each move.  With your WOD at Home membership you will also have access to the WOD Foundations Course, a 12 module, online agenda where you will strategically be coached by Kyle, through the foundational movements utilized in most WODs (WOD = Work-out of the Day).  Our program is designed to fit into your busy schedule, in your own home, with instruction that is equivalent to that you would receive at a gym.  Join Kyle as he teaches, in depth, the skills required to WOD at Home and get the most from your work-outs.

Each module includes videos and descriptions of:

  • A concept discussion key to human movement.
  • Step-by-step instruction and tips on how to perform movements covered in the module,
  • Discussion of common faults and how to identify and correct them, and
  • Mobility exercises that can be used to strengthen the positions required for the movements.

Learn to WOD correctly, injury free.  Start lifting more, moving faster, and gaining the mobility every human should have.  Expect more out of your body.


I am pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant.  Can I still do the WOD at Home work-outs?

Yes! But, please consult with your physician first!  The WOD at Home work-outs can be a great work-out regimen before, during, and after pregnancy.  Check out our WOD at Home Mom tab for more information, recourses, scaling and modifications for moms and mommies-to-be.

Also be on the look-out for Pregnancy WODs coming in early 2014!

How do I get started?

Getting started is just a few easy steps!  To start, visit the Getting Started page.

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Do I have to follow a specific nutrition plan? Can you recommend a nutrition plan?

WOD at Home is a full believer in eating natural foods, controlling the amount of food eaten at each sitting, and balancing out your diet. WOD at Home staff have prescribed to the Paleo-Zone diet and have seen tremendous benefits, in and out of the gym.  WOD at Home will NOT force you into a diet, make you count calories, or read off a list of what you have eaten.  Diet is 60-80% of health and we are more than willing to share our expertise, but we understand that the Paleo-Zone diet is not for everyone.

“Diet” does not mean a short-term weight-loss plan.

Diet: “A particular selection of food[s], especially as designed or prescribed to improve a person’s physical condition or to prevent or treat a disease(Dictionary.com).”

Paleo-Zone is a mixture of two diets: the Paleo (aka Caveman) diet and the Zone diet. Paleo focuses on eating natural foods for which our bodies have evolved to use as fuel since the Paleolithic era.  Zone focuses on balancing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for an efficiently balanced diet.  Natural foods in the right proportions gives your body the fuel it needs to help prevent disease, boost your daily energy level, prepare for a work-out, recover from your work-out, and just flat-out feel amazing.  For more information about these diets, please email the WOD at Home staff.

Recommended Reading:

The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet – Robb Wolf

The PaleoDiet – Loren Cordain

Enter the Zone: A Dietary Roadmap – Barry Sears


I’m afraid I will get too bulky if I’m lifting weights.

Genetics play a big role in how a person naturally looks.  Females do not have the same genetic make-up or hormones as men.  They are not engineered to grow massive amounts of muscle.  The buzzword “toning” is achieved by building lean muscle and burning fat.  Adding weight training to your programming does this most effectively.  Due to genetics, some men and women will have to work much harder to achieve the same results that some others get very easily.  We don’t whine about this, but put in the hard work to make it happen.  If you want to look like Arnold and don’t care about your heath, take steroids.  If you want your muscles to be functional, to be healthy, and reap aesthetic benefits as well, WOD at Home.


I’m registered, now what?

Log in to WODatHome.com.  Click on the “WODs” tab at the top of the page to view the day’s work-out.  Work-out and post your times and scores to comments to join the conversation in the community!

How do I unsubscribe?

Visit the subscription page and click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the page.