Getting Started


  1. Register with WOD at Home to join the thousands of monthly viewers and get full access to daily WODs and the WOD Foundations Course,
  2. Log-in, and
  3. Follow WOD at Home for your constantly varied work-outs that will constantly challenge you in new ways and allow for you to continually experience gains in your progress.  Work hard and you will undoubtedly reap the benefits.


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Them vs Us

Members have access to daily work-outs that include ALL of the following:

  • The 12-module WOD Foundations Course where you will learn not only the basics, but the more advanced aspects of the primary movements used in WOD at Home,
  • Daily Movement and Mobility to prepare you for the day’s work-out,blake-feature
  • Dynamic Warm-up,
  • Skill/Strength work,
  • Daily-updated WODs strategically planned and tested with details and instructions you will not get from other WOD websites,
  • Cool-down,
  • Exactly how to scale or modify each movement either due to equipment limitations or your fitness level
  • Movement pictures and links to online videos explaining each of the movements in the WOD, so there are no questions about if you are doing the correct move or performing it safely.
  • Comments where the community communicates about the WOD each day.
  • CF Whiteboard work-out tracking,
  • WOD at Home Mom: information, resources, and feedback specific to incorporating WODs into a mom’s busy schedule, continuing to WOD before, during, and after pregnancy, and for moms (or mommies-to-be) who are new to high intensity work-outs, and
  • much more! is an ALL-INCLUSIVE site for those who want to work-out at home with General Physical Preparedness program, those looking to up their level of fitness using a carefully planned fitness schedule, trainers looking for resources on WODs, coaching, or starting their own business, and moms-to-be wanting to continue their fitness throughout pregnancy and beyond.


Take advantage of WOD at Home’s workout sample and read what our members are saying!

The sample provides a glimpse into a day of the WOD at Home programming to give you a preview of what members receive on a daily basis, 365 day a year.  Learn more about WOD at Home’s principles and methodologies, and experience some WODs for yourself (WOD = Work-out of the Day).  Traditional work-outs will be put to bed and you will quickly realize that working hard with natural movement is the key to achieving any fitness goals.  It will become clear that WOD at Home will allow you to make the life change that you are looking for with limited equipment costs and time sacrifices.


There is a minimum amount of equipment suggested to follow the WOD at Home program.

Check out the WOD at Home equipment page for more info.  With the gym/box membership or boot camp fees you will be saving by working-out at home, you will be able to slowly build up your personal equipment supply.  You only need minimal equipment to create the proper set of fully functioning equipment:

Start with the equipment you have…it will be enough to get started and scale the WOD at Home work-outs as described.  Make a pull-up bar, get a barbell, bumper plates, and a kettlebell and you are ready to follow all of WOD at Home’s daily work-outs.


WOD at Home is in no way affiliated with CrossFit, Inc. nor does it provide CrossFit work-outs.  Although WOD at Home may be affiliated in the future, currently WOD at Home offers a world-class strength and conditioning program created by experienced coaches and has no official relationship with CrossFit, Inc..  If you are looking for CrossFit, please check out the affiliate finder map to find an affiliate in your area.