WOD at Home Log Book

WOD at Home Log Book – FREE for you!

There are many great WOD apps and other forms of media/software, training logs, fitness log  books, exercise log books, weightlifting log books, CrossFit log books, etc. to help you track your work-outs and progress, but sometimes a good ‘ol pencil and paper method works well too.  For all you old-school folks, we have created a WOD at Home Benchmark Log Book (Free PDF) to help keep track of all the benchmark lifts, WODs and runs. The booklet includes:

  • Benchmark Movement logs, some with progression images
  • Body Weight Movement logs
  • Conditioning (Run/Row) logs
  • Tabata logs
  • The Girls WODs and logs
  • “The Girls” WODs and logs
  • Room for “My WODs” where you can track any work-out
  • Goals Page
  • Extra space for your own notes
  • Goals page
  • The ability to print more pages (for free) when you run out of space


The document is FREE for you to download and print!  All you have to do is get to work. Below is the link:

WOD at Home Benchmark Log Book (Free PDF)
We hope this helps track your progress!

Sample pages:

WAH Log Book Image1  WAH Log Book Image2

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Tracking your progress (Work-outs, Personal Records, etc.) is important for many reasons!
  1. Your memory is bad.  You will not remember that you lifted x amount of weight on November 15.  Trust us.  You won’t remember it all 🙂
  2. Progress comes gradually.  Some of your goals may take 3, 6, or more months to achieve.  Recording your steps towards your goal helps you remember to work on that goal and keep up with your progress.
  3. Humans focus on the negative.  When you log your progress you are focusing more on the positive steps you are taking towards your goals and can SEE the progress you are making!
  4. It’s fulfilling.  Let’s face it, it just feels good to achieve something you have worked hard for.  Logging your progress will help you stay motivated and it’ll feel great once you reach your goal!
  5. It helps you stay focused.  Tracking your progress is a good reminder for what you need to work on and when so you don’t lose sight of your goals.