WOD at Home Equipment Requirements

We are huge proponents of owning your gym instead of paying for someone else’s in membership fees.  We understand that this is a large upfront cost and not everyone wants to make that investment right away.  There are many ways to build your gym with hacks and minimal costs but I would recommend buying quality products when you do open up your wallet so you don’t have to reinvest.  There is a big disparity in quality in fitness equipment. Also, the quality brands give lifetime warranties because they know they are good products. We pride ourselves on giving programming options for those who lack the proper equipment.  Below are our loose requirements:


*WOD at Home may occasionally program workouts requiring additional equipment, but will always provide substitution options based on the 3 required pieces of equipment mentioned above. This allows for you to not lose out on the effectiveness of the workout due to home gym or garage gym equipment or space limitations.


Based off WOD needs and not cost.  We will include all cost effective solutions.


  1. Create a Work-out Space
  2. Olympic Weightlifting Bar + Weights
  3. Pull-up Bar
  4. Kettlebell


  1. Jump Rope
  2. Gymnastic Rings
  3. Plyometric Box
  4. Medicine Ball
  5. Abmat
  6. Weight Bench
  7. Row Machine
  8. Glute Ham Developer

Create a Work-out Space

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  • 10ft x 10ft space minimum.  Make it close to where you can hang a pull-up bar and get outside to run easily without running through a nice area.  You just need room to move around.
  • Get rid of all cable machines, elliptical machines, total home gym machines.  These aren’t perform functional exercises, which are the basis for WOD at Home’s programming.  Sell them to make money and clear room, a win-win.
  • You want as flat of a surface as possible on which to lift.  Garage floors, concrete patios, hard ground, etc. are the best.  To upgrade your space, you can place 1/4” rubber mats down to make for a comfortable place to work-out. Don’t buy expensive mats marketed for exercise as they are way over-priced. Go to your nearest horse feed and tack store to get horse mats, they are much cheaper.
  • High ceilings.  The higher the better.  Depending on how tall you are, you can probably get away with 8′ ceiling, but you need room to hold a barbell over your head with bumper plates on it without hitting the ceiling.

Olympic Weightlifting Bar and Weights (starts at $469)

This is an expensive cost but is  important to be able to do all of the olympic lifts. Think of it as 2 1/2 months membership fee at a Crossfit gym. Craigslist is a great place to find these at a good discount but it is time-consuming sifting through the trash.


OneFitWonder Weightlifting Technique Set ($199) – This set is made specifically for those unable to perform the correct technique with the 55-65lbs using a regular bar and 10lb plates.  These bounce and are the same height off the ground as other plates.
FRINGE Bar + Black Bumper Sets ($469-$949)
FRINGE Bar + Color Bumper Sets ($529-$1,119)
Vaughn Bar + Bumper Sets ($949-$1,229) 5yr warrantee on plates, lifetime on barbell


Just Bar


OneFitWonder 15lb Training Bar ($129)

Womens (15kg=33.0693lbs)

Bomba Bar V2 – 15KG Womens – Black ($219)
Vaughn 15kg Olympic Barbell ($399)
Wonder Woman Bar – 15kg Women’s Olympic Barbell  ($189)

Mens (20kg=44.0925lbs)

Bomba Bar V2 – Black 20kg ($255)
Vaughn 20kg Olympic Barbell ($399)
Wonder Bar Olympic Bar 20KG ($199)
Bomba Bar – 20kg Oly Bar ($255)


Vaughn Competition Plates (KG)
OFW Color Bumpers (Pairs)

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Pull-up Bar

OneFitWonder Ceiling/Wall Pullup Bar System $99
Kip Cage Power Cage $649
Bomba Wall Mount Garage Rig $599
OFW Squat + Pullup Rack $429

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OneFitWonder Premium Kettlebells ($25-$189)

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Jump Rope

Momentum Elite Speed Ropes $39

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Gymnastic Rings

Bomba Wood Gymnastic Rings $65
OFW Black Gymnastic Rings $45

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Plyometric Box (Beginner=16″x20″x24″  Advanced=20″x24″x30″)

Building your own Plyo boxes is a good way to save some money and you can find out how to do that here.

Flat Pack Multi-Sided Boxes $115
Multi-Sided Plyo Boxes $145
Plyometric Boxes (Singles) $89-$119
Plyometric Box Sets SOLD OUT

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Medicine Ball – 10lb=Beginner, 16lb=Intermediate, 20lb=Advanced

OneFitWonder Medicine Balls V2 $49-$59

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Abmat – Abdominal Trainer $35

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Weight Bench

Hopefully you can find one of these for cheap on Craigslist, if not you can find one with FringeSport.

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Row Machine

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Glute Ham Developer

OFW Glute Ham Developer GHD $399
OneFitWonder Commercial GHD $549

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 It’s difficult to give over-arching recommendations for equipment because everyone has different gym limitations.  Please send me an e-mail at wodathome@gmail.com with any specific gym questions.
More Resources:
http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/cfjissue1_Sep02.pdf.  Keep in mind this was written with the CrossFit affiliate in mind, so like the workouts, scale down the principles to be put to use in your home gym or garage gym.

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