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Welcome Mamma!

I am thrilled that you’re here!  WOD at Home Mom was created to provide information, resources, and feedback specific to incorporating WODs into a mom’s busy schedule, continuing to WOD before, during, and after pregnancy, and for moms (or mommies-to-be) who are new to high intensity work-outs.

Scaling and modifying is your key to success and I will show you exactly how and when to do this in every single work out.  Whether you are a WOD veteran or just starting out, you can be successful and complete any WOD with our three levels of fitness: Women RX, Pregnant (PG), and Beginner.

Not pregnant?  No problem!  WOD at Home MOM has been written to include the RX Women Athletes as well!  Each WOD offers three versions: Women’s RX, Pregnant, and Beginner.  So no matter where you are on your fitness journey, you can WOD with us!


*** While continuing to WOD during pregnancy is typically okay for those who were doing them before becoming pregnant, it is important to consult with your physician and listen to your body every day and during every work-out.  Please consult with your physician BEFORE beginning any type of work-out regimen! ***


WOD at Home MOM Pregnancy WODs

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In addition to your WOD at Home membership our WOD at Home MOM Pregnancy WODs are available to support you through your 9 months of pregnancy.  Providing you with:

  • 280 work-outs, organized by trimester, week, and day to match your specific point in your pregnancy,
  • Daily Movement and Mobility to prepare you for the day’s work-out,
  • Dynamic Warm-up,
  • Skill/Strength work,
  • Pregnancy WODs strategically planned and tested by WOD at Home Coach, Aly (CrossFit Level 1 Trainer), during her recent pregnancy, with details and instructions you will not get from other WOD websites,
  • Cool-down,
  • Exactly how to scale or modify each movement for your stage of pregnancy, fitness limitations, or due to equipment limitations,
  • Movement pictures and links to online videos explaining each of the movements in the WOD, so there are no questions about if you are doing the correct move or performing it safely,
  • Access to the WOD at Home work-outs, so you can seamlessly continue your WODs after pregnancy and feel comfortable modifying and scaling to your needs and current fitness level.

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Are you getting ready for pregnancy?

Get started with WOD at Home now and take advantage of WOD at Home’s work-out sample that will have you on the path to the best health and fitness of your life.  You will seamlessly be able to incorporate the WOD at Home Mom work-outs as soon as you need to!


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