High Intensity Work-Outs and Pregnancy

High-Intensity Work-Outs and Pregnancy

Hello friends!  I am excited to share my personal journey and experiences with all of you of continuing my high-intensity work-outs (WODs) throughout my pregnancy.  I have (or will) review each trimester, share my challenges, successes, and things that I have learned and discovered.  My goal is to inspire you to continue working out throughout your pregnancy, or if you are trying to become pregnant, to continue a healthy path that will carry you into a healthy pregnancy.

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Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor, and I have no medical experience or expertise. I am not writing to give advice. I just want to share my personal experience of continuing my high-intensity work-outs through pregnancy in hopes to encourage other mommies to do the same (at their own level of course). I am not classified as a “high risk” pregnancy and had been doing high-intensity WODs for 6 months prior to becoming pregnant.  It is important to consult your with your physician before beginning any work-out regimen.


Before becoming pregnant, I always wondered how I would work-out and how would I feel if I continued doing high-intensity work-outs when I did eventually become pregnant.  With my first pregnancy, I was running, doing a weight video using 5 lb dumbbells, and occasionally following a kettlebell video with a 10lb kettlebell.  I couldn’t do a pull-up or a push-up, and I had no clue what a thruster, clean, or sumo deadlift high-pull was.  I still look back and giggle a little, and feel pretty damn proud, since now I am deadlifting 205lbs, swinging a 35lb kettlebell, and doing linked pull-ups using only a small red band.

I had been doing the WOD at Home work-outs and going to my local CrossFit box for about 6 months.  I loved it so much I decided to get my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate, and even started coaching a little on the side at my gym.  When I became pregnant, I did a ton of research on how I could continue my work-outs.  I read blogs, websites, articles on fitness and pregnancy, talked to coaches, attended a CrossFit and pregnancy training, and discussed my work-out regimen with my doctor.  All-in-all there still is not a lot of research and information available, but one of the things I found most helpful and motivating was reading the personal experiences from other women, and that is why I decided to share mine as well.

Read my experiences here:

A First Trimester Review

A Second Trimester Review

A Third Trimester Review – (still in training, will be published after March 2014)



WOD at Home Mom work-outs!

We are thrilled to announce that in addition to your WOD at Home membership our WOD at Home MOM work-outs are available to support you through your 9 months of pregnancy providing:

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  • Dynamic Warm-up,
  • Skill/Strength work,
  • Pregnancy WODs strategically planned and tested by WOD at Home Coach, Aly (CrossFit Level 1 Trainer), during her recent pregnancy, with details and instructions you will not get from other WOD websites,
  • Cool-down,
  • Exactly how to scale or modify each movement for your stage of pregnancy, fitness limitations, or due to equipment limitations,
  • Movement pictures and links to online videos explaining each of the movements in the WOD, so there are no questions about if you are doing the correct move or performing it safely,
  • Access to the WOD at Home work-outs, so you can seamlessly continue your WODs after pregnancy and feel comfortable modifying and scaling to your needs and current fitness level.

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