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WAH Mom Air Squat with Sam
About me:

I have been involved in athletics in one way or another my whole life.  From gymnastics, kickball, basketball, track & field, and volleyball to high school varsity golf and softball, I love being active.  I grew up in Austin, TX and graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Elementary Education.  After marrying my high school sweetheart, Clint, we moved to Frisco, TX.  I taught third grade for 7 years (2 in Austin ISD and 5 in Frisco ISD).  In June of 2012, I resigned from my teaching career to stay at home with my son, Sam.  After a year of little fitness in my life and a severely injured shoulder from carrying a baby around all day, I knew something had to change.  I was not going to live injured and unhealthy anymore.

I learned about high-intensity WODs from my brother in 2011.  While my whole family was encouraging me to continue them, I was too chicken to continue while I was pregnant.  As a first-time mom, I lived with one goal: keep my baby safe, healthy, and bring him into this world unharmed.  There were too many fears in my head about high-intensity WODs: my heart rate shouldn’t be above 140 BPM, I don’t want to get over-heated, jumping and “slamming” my body around (think burpees, jump rope, box jumps) was too dangerous, I was not supposed to lift anything over 25 pounds.  All of these concerns were out of fear that I would do something to injure my baby. While my baby was delivered (and still is) healthy and happy, my body and self-confidence struggled getting back to “normal.”  I suffered from lower back and excruciating shoulder pain from holding and carrying my son constantly while he was an infant.  I finally decided that I could not live in pain anymore.  About eight months after my son was born I started the WOD Foundations Course so that I could get a good base and ensure I was performing the movements with correct form.  I quickly realized that I should have been doing these types of work-outs my whole life; especially throughout my first pregnancy.  Little did I know that I would become so in love with this type of work-out!

Since then, I got my Level 1 CrossFit Trainer certificate in June of 2013 and even started coaching a few classes at my local box. While I was super excited to be working-out again, getting stronger, seeing results in my body, my mood, and my lifestyle, I had this lingering question of could I be pregnant and safely continue my WODs?  Well, I recently found myself pregnant again and have now gone through my second trimester with my second little one and thrilled to say, “Yes!  I am still working out!”  As most pregnant women would, I scoured the internet for resources on high-intensity work-outs during pregnancy and, well…. -there just aren’t many out there.  All of the old medical standards and warnings (heart rate, lifting too much weight) still seem to be the norm from most physicians.   Fortunately, I discovered I am not alone in my quest to continue my path to greater fitness throughout my pregnancy and beyond, and was able to compile some great testimonials, blogs, and other resources on high-intensity work-outs during pregnancy that are proving the old methods of thinking to be false.  Read more….

I am excited that you are here to learn more, work-out in a way that is beneficial to you and your baby, and share ideas and experiences!


Aly Culp

WOD at Home Coach

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

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