WOD at Home Pose

Send us your pictures!!!

The WOD at Home community is made up of people from around the world.  We have designated the leaning over quad stretch with your hand out in front to be the official WOD at Home pose.   Please send pictures to WODatHome@gmail.com of you doing the WOD at Home pose in your hometown or wherever you WOD so we can get a feel for the WOD at Home community.  We will get them up ASAP.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in pictures!!!

Rod from Aspen, CO.

Rod from Aspen, CO.

Kyle from Steamboat, CO

Kyle from Steamboat, CO


Alyssa from Seattle, Washington

Kelly from Washington D.C.

Ashley from Las Vegas, Nevada

Annah from Sydney Australia

Andy from San Juan Puerto Rico


Leah and Andi from Big Bend National Park in Texas