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Please consult with your physician before beginning this work-out program.  These work-outs are intended for women who have been doing, or have some familiarity with, high-intensity work-outs before becoming pregnant.  It is not recommended to begin a new work-out regimen during pregnancy without the consent of your physician.


Welcome to WOD at Home MOM, providing WODs for pregnancy and beyond!  Congratulations on your pregnancy!  Pregnancy is such an exciting time for you and your growing family and we are excited to help keep you on a fitness path that will not only keep you and your baby healthy, but will help prepare your body and mind for labor, delivery, and motherhood.  Here’s how it works:

All of your WODs (work-out of the day) are divided by trimester, then pregnancy week, and then day.  You will start with the WOD that corresponds to your specific day of your pregnancy.  Our program is a three day on, one day off schedule.  The WODS have been modified and scaled to meet your specific, and changing, fitness level, and we are always here to support you with questions, concerns, or to provide further assistance.

With that said, we are not doctors, nor do we have any medical training.  We are not here to provide you with medical advice or guidance.  We can only assist and make suggestions based on a “healthy” and “normal” pregnant woman.  Every woman is different.  What might feel comfortable for one person, may be impossible for another.  For that reason, there are modifications and scaling options in every WOD at Home MOM work-out, and it is your responsibility to do what feels comfortable for you on that day.  Every day of pregnancy is different.  You may have a day where you can barely pull yourself off the couch, and the next day you feel like the energizer bunny!  That’s normal!  We just ask that you listen to your body and don’t push yourself or put too much pressure on yourself to complete every work-out, every day, all the way through.  It’s just not going to happen.  And that’s ok.

You will see the suggested weights in three different categories: Women, PG (pregnant), and Beginner.  Please use these suggested weights as a reference for what you will use for the WOD.  You may be anywhere on this scale, depending on the WOD, your experience with high-intensity work-outs, or even just how you feel that day.

  1. Women – this is the prescribed (Rx) weight for the WOD
  2. PG – this is the scaled weight for pregnant women who have been completing high-intensity work-out PRIOR to becoming pregnant
  3. Beginner – this is the scaled weight for those who are fairly new to high-intensity work-outs

Before beginning your Pregnancy WODs, you may visit the “Equipment” page for a list of suggested equipment.  While you do not have to have all of these pieces, it is recommended to have some basics such as a kettlebell and pull-up bar.

We are excited to be on this fitness journey with you and your baby!


Aly C.

WOD at Home MOM

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Scaling Weight for Pregnancy

  • During pregnancy you will most likely lessen the weight you are using.  The timing of this will be different for everyone.  Some women choose to drop weight right away, and others may wait until late 1st or even 2nd trimester.  Please choose a weight that is comfortable for you and your body.  Everyone is different.
  • The Pregnancy suggested (“PG”) weight is meant to be a “jumping off” point for you.  It gives you an idea of where to start with weight.
  • If you are new to lifting weights or this type of work-out program, please use the “Beginner” weight as a jumping off point.
  • You may feel more comfortable with a slightly higher or lower weight than what is listed.  Do what feels comfortable to you.  These weights are just suggestions.
  • Remember, this is a time for maintaining your fitness, not pushing yourself to the limit or maxing out.
  • If during the WOD you feel like your weight is too much, lower it.  There is no shame here 🙂

Read more on scaling on modifying HERE.

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