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Thank you for being a part of the WOD at Home community! is only 5 months old and the community is off to a great start.  The WOD at Home team is adding new content daily and upgrading the overall experience for anyone who may be trying to WOD at Home.  Our main goal continues to be to improve the site and experience for all involved.

We have received great feedback about people’s progress and want to continue to offer WOD at Home free of charge forever.  WOD at Home started as a paid membership site where members paid a monthly fee for access to the site.  Thanks to those initial members, we can now offer WOD at Home free of charge to everyone in the world!  To keep this valuable resource free, WOD at Home is asking you for a financial donation.  Your generous donation will help us continue providing WODs  and hopefully change people’s lives!  WOD at Home is proud to take part in life changes, and your donation will directly help WOD at Home reach new people, spread the joy of fitness, and provide everyone with the resources they need. cannot survive as a free site without your charitable donation.  100% of your donation will be used towards the costs and the improvements of


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