How to Work Out in Apartment Fitness Center Gym

If you are wondering how to best work out or follow a work-out program in your apartment complex’s fitness center gym, WODatHome is your answer.  Every now and then I work-out in an apartment complex’s fitness center gym, a hotel gym, or a globo gym, and it always makes me feel bad for most of the people in there.  For most, there is a lot of hard work going on and a lot of will, but there is a lack of direction.  Most people I see will walk in, so some generic stretching for about 2 minutes as they look around and scope the place out.  They then hit the treadmill or elliptical and go at a nice slow steady pace for a while.  They then hit some bicep curls because they want to tone their arms and then some abs.  Basically what they have done is a very long warm-up and have not gotten any real things done for the amount of time and mental effort they have put into going to the gym.

It is easy to spot someone who knows what they are doing or when they are following a well-thought out program.  The real key is they look like they are trying very hard.  You have to convince your body to make change and challenging it is the only way to do it.  If you stay at a pace or with weights that you are very very comfortable with and never push the intensity, you are destine to never get out of your work-outs what you (think) you are putting into them.

Go into the your apartment complex gym with a plan.  You don’t want to do the same exercises every day and you don’t want to do the same intensity every day.  At WOD at Home, we provide daily work-outs that will get you results.  We require a barbell (which can be substituted for dumbbells), a pull-up bar (which most apartment complex gyms will have), and a kettlebell (which can also be substituted by holding a dumbbell by its end).  Every work-out provided on WOD at Home can be followed in your apartment complex’s fitness studio.

It’s time to get results for the effort you are putting in and leave what you should do to the experts at