Kipping Pull-up Online Workshop

Whether you are looking to get your first kipping pull-up or you are looking to increase the max number you can do, this Kipping Pull-up Online Workshop is designed to build your foundation of technique to realize your body’s full potential.

Learn the C-Kip and the Butterfly Kipping Pull-up!!!

This workshop includes accessory training workouts, 30+ skill, technique, and drills videos and will:

  • Increase upper body strength.
  • Develop skills that support both the C-Kip, Gymnastics Kip, or even just sometimes call the Kipping Pull-up and the Butterfly Kipping Pull-up.
  • As an added bonus because the accessory work and drill go so hand in hand with presses, you will also develop your kipping ring dip proficiency.


Kipping Pull-up Online Workshop + Personal Coaching (8 Analyzed Videos and Individualized Drill and Accessory Work)

  • $550 for Non-WODatHome Members
  • $375 for WODatHome Members

Kipping Pull-up Online Workshop:

  • $250 for Non-WODatHome Members
  • $125 for WODatHome Members

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