Online Personal Training


Everyone working out at home has different schedules, equipment, goals, strengths and weaknesses, and so requires a different approach to maximize his or her results.  You dramatically cut down on travel time, but sometimes you need a real person on your team to provide the the extra accountability, motivation, and guidance.  The WOD at Home online personal trainers make fitting in your workout, wherever you are going to be (at home, at a hotel, in the park, or in a gym) as easy and efficient as possible.  The WOD at Home online personal trainers have been writing personalized workout programs, and holding people accountable since 2012 with incredible results.

Your Online Personal Trainer will provide you workouts:

  • Tailored and continuously updated based on your goals, abilities, equipment, schedule, and time.
  • Created just for YOU by a high qualified expert, YOUR WOD at Home Online Personal Trainer.

Your Trainer will work with you through a simple-to-use app on your phone or a website including:

  • Workout Descriptions and Videos
  • Workout Tracking
  • Goal Tracking
  • Trainer Messaging

How it works:

  • Fill out the contact form below.
  • WODatHome will reach out to gather information about your, your goals, your home gym set-up, experience, and fitness level.
  • WODatHome will match you up with an Online Personal Trainer who best fits what you need.
  • Start testing yourself.  Your initial testing results, plus the goals you identify, will help your Online Personal Trainer make the list of priorities your workout program will focus on.
  • Start working out. You’ll access your daily, individualized workout program via app.
  • Stay in touch. You’ll have messaging contact with your Online Personal Trainer through the app ensuring you’re reaching your goals and have any questions about your workout program answered.
  • Get in the best shape of your life…finally!!!

$150 per month

We just opened up more spots for new clients, so please fill out the contact form below for more information!