Trimester 1 – Week 1 – Day 7

WOD at Home Mom Week 1 – Day 7



Karaoke (Down and Back)

Frankenstein Kicks

Bear Walk

Crab Walk

10 Push-ups

Fitness Level Substitution: Knee Push-ups

Inch Worm

10 Air Squats

Skills / Strength

Spend some time working on your butterfly kip.  The best way to learn is to act like the bar is lower than it is.  This will allow you to get in more practice reps as you improve your kip instead of using all your energy to pull yourself all the way up to the bar.  As your kip improves, increase how high you pull till your chin is over the bar or your chest is touching the bar.

Butterfly Pull-ups


 7 Rounds for Time

7 Push Jerks (Women: 95lb / PG: 65lb / Beginner: 35lb)

Kipping Pull-ups

Fitness Level Substitution: Banded Pull-ups OR Ring Rows

Perform 7 rounds of 7 push jerks and then 7 pull-ups.  With the number of rounds being 7, be sure to have something (we use poker chips in the gym or sidewalk chalk to make tally marks), to help you keep track of rounds.  Inevitably, people lose count during round 3 or 4 if they don’t have something to help them keep track.  Post your time to comments.


Push Jerks (Just the bar)