Workout of the day (WOD) posts below detail out the daily workouts. Feel free to post your individual times or any general comments or questions you may have from a particular workout.

WOD March 20





Karaoke (Down and Back)

Frankenstein Kicks

Bear Walk

Crab Walk

10 Push-ups

Fitness Level Substitution: Knee Push-ups

Inch Worm

10 Air Squats


Strength Warm-up

10 Strict Presses (Just the Bar)

Strict Presses (40% of your 1 Rep Max)

Strict Presses (50% of your 1 Rep Max)

Strict Presses (60% of your 1 Rep Max)

These percentages are based off of the maximum amount of weight you could strict press one time = 1 Rep Max.  If you do not know your 1 Rep Max, then use these percentages to estimate what your warm-up should look like

Skills / Strength


5 Sets (3:00 Rest)

5 Strict Presses (5 RM)

Perform 5 sets of 5 strict presses resting 3-minutes between each set.  We want each of the sets to be as heavy as possible.  Add or remove weight as needed.

Coach’s Tip:  I would rather watch people get only 4 good reps because they guessed too heavy on their weight.  If you get all 5 reps and could have gotten 7, then you only did 5 reps of a set of 7!!!  There is no real magic to the number 5.  The magic is trying as hard as you can.

Strict Press

Strict Press



Partner WOD for Time (18:00 Cap)

150 Lateral Burpees over your partner who is in a Plank

Fitness Level Substitution: Plank on hands

*One person must be planking for the other to do burpees.

Post your total time to comments.







If you do not have a partner:

For Time

80 Lateral Burpees

*Every 2:00, perform 20 AbMat Sit-ups

Equipment Substitution: AbMat Sit-ups using a rolled-up towel

Perform 80 lateral burpees over a barbell as fast as you can.  Every 2 minutes of the WOD, you must stop and perform 20 sit-ups before you go back to burpees. Post your time to comments.

AbMat Sit-up

AbMat Sit-up



None Today

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