Workout of the day (WOD) posts below detail out the daily workouts. Feel free to post your individual times or any general comments or questions you may have from a particular workout.

WOD April 13




10 Walking Lunges

10 Air Squats

200 meter run

10 Alternating Jumping Lunges

10 Air Squats

10 seconds of Butt Kicks


Strength Warm-up

10 Back Squats (just the bar)

Back Squats (50% 1 RM)

Back Squats (60% 1 RM)

Back Squats (70% 1 RM)

Back Squats (80% 1 RM)

If you do not know your 1 rep max (1 RM), then guess at what you will get today.  If you don’t know, then just keep incrementally adding weight as your squat feels good.

Skills / Strength


5 Sets (3:00 Rest)

Back Squats (3 RM)

*If you do not have a squat rack, you will need to Power Clean the weight to your shoulders and then Push Press it overhead and down on your back.

Perform 5 sets, each consisting on 3 back squats, resting at least 3 minutes between each set.  Work your way up to the heaviest set of 3 you can safely perform (3 RM = 3 Rep Max).

Back Squat

Back Squat



10:00 AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible in 10-minutes)

5 Shoulder to Overhead (Men: 115lb / Women: 75lb / Beginner: 35lb)

*You will need to Power Clean the weight to your shoulders from the ground instead of taking the bar from a rack.

All of these ways to go from your shoulders to overhead are acceptable:

Strict Presses

Push Presses

Push Jerks

Split Jerks

10 Deadlifts (Men: 115lb / Women: 75lb / Beginner: 35lb)

15 Box Jumps (Men: 24″ / Women: 20″ / Beginner: 12″)

*Step-ups are allowed today as long as you stand all the way on top of the box with both feet.

Equipment Substitution: Tuck Jumps

Put 10 minutes on the clock and perform as many rounds and reps as possible.  Post your total reps to comments.

Push Jerk

Push Jerk



Box Jump

Box Jump



3 Rounds not for Time

10 Air Squats

10 seconds of Butt Kicks

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