Program Info

Program Information

WOD at Home was founded by two former garage athletes who run one of the most successful box gyms in Austin, TX.  We know exactly what the home athlete needs and how to provide it.  Instead of searching various websites and random affiliate sites for work-outs you can perform with the equipment you have available, linking random work-outs together without any rhyme or reason, guessing on substitutions for movements, and/or trying to figure out which YouTube video is best for explaining the movement you are looking for, let WOD at Home take care everything for you.  WOD at Home is programmed by experienced coaches who have used all different types of strength and conditioning programs.  We know how to maximize your results though a well planned, efficient work-out schedule.  We have spent years working-out of own garages and know the limitations that this can pose and the lack of resources available to assist.  WOD at Home provides a daily program to follow requiring only minimal equipment.


WOD at Home is in no way affiliated with CrossFit, Inc. nor does it provide CrossFit work-outs.  Although WOD at Home may be affiliated in the future, currently WOD at Home offers a world-class strength and conditioning program created by experienced coaches and has no official relationship with CrossFit, Inc..  If you are looking for CrossFit, please check out the affiliate finder map to find an affiliate in your area.

Members have free access to daily work-outs that include the following:

  • Movement and Mobility video links for joint, muscle, and movement health.
  • Dynamic Warm-up to be sure your body is fully prepared for the WOD.
  • Skill/Strength work as additional supplements the WOD.
  • WOD provides a high-intensity workout of the day.
  • Cool-down to help your body appropriately adapt to and recover.
  • Exactly how to scale each movement either due to equipment limitations or for your fitness level.
  • Links to videos explaining the movements used, so there are no questions about if you are doing the correct lift or performing it safely.

Take advantage of WOD at Home’s sample workouts.  The samples provide a full look at WOD at Home programming to give you a preview of what members receive on a daily basis, 365 day a year.  It will become clear that WOD at Home will help you reach that next level from home, help you reach your fitness goals, and make the life change that you are looking for with your limited budget and time.

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