WOD at Home Remote Video Coaching Webinar – Thank You!

Thank you for purchasing the WOD at Home Remote Video Coaching!!!

We are excited to help you take your WODs to the next level to reach your goals faster!


Soon, you will receive a link to a shared DropBox folder.  Through it, you will need to install DropBox, it is free, on your computer.  Once you have recorded your video, place the video file in the shared folder and I will take care of the rest.

Send me an email with three possible dates and times that would work for your 15 minute phone consultation.  Be sure to include your time zone.  I will send you a link to the webinar in which you can view my computer screen from your computer and a phone number we can use to review your video.


Your video:

  • Should be three reps of the movement you would like to have reviewed.
  • Should include two separate angles. Both angles do not have to be filmed at once and they can be two separate video files.  Film three reps form one angle and then move the camera into position for three reps from from the other.
    • Directly in front of you.
    • Directly from the side.

Good Luck!

Coach Kyle