Workout of the day (WOD) posts below detail out the daily workouts. Feel free to post your individual times or any general comments or questions you may have from a particular workout.

WOD Mar 2





400 meter Jog

10 Seconds Butt Kicks (50% effort)

10 Seconds High Knees (50% effort)

10 Seconds Rest

10 Seconds Butt Kicks (75% effort)

10 Seconds High Knees (75% effort)

10 Seconds Rest

10 Seconds Butt Kicks (100% effort)

10 Seconds High Knees (100% effort)

200 meter Jog

Skills / Strength


For Time

1600 meter Run

We are doing a 1-mile time trial today.  Run 1600 meters as fast as you can.  Post your time to comments.

Coach’s Tip: Start fast and figure out how to finish the mile when you get there;)  I hate it when I pace myself the whole time and feel like I could have done it faster.  I took 20 seconds off my time with a strong start and fighting through the rest of it.  Compare it to a 5-10 minute WOD.  It is shorter and you need to start strong and keep a good pace throughout.



4 Rounds (0:30 Rest between each exercise and round)

1:00 Max Reps of Butterfly Pull-ups

 Fitness Level Substitution: Kipping Pull-ups OR Banded Pull-ups OR Ring Rows

1:00 Max Reps of Ring Dips

Fitness Level Substitution: Banded Ring Dips

Equipment Substitution: Narrow Push-ups

Fitness Level Substitution: Banded Narrow Push-ups

Perform 4 rounds, each consisting of a minute of max pull-ups and a minute of max ring dips.  Take 30 seconds between each exercise. Post your total reps to comments.

Butterfly Kipping Pull-up

Butterfly Kipping Pull-up


Ring Dip

Ring Dip



10 Arm Circles Backwards

10 Arm Circles  Forward

3 X 10 Seconds Hollow Body Hold

10 Arm Circles Backwards

10 Arm Circles  Forward


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