30 Day Mobility Programs

30 Day Mobility Programs

Available for Improving Upper Body and Lower Body Range of Motion!

Resolve pains and improve performance with MovementLink 30-Day Mobility Programs. Correct and improve movement patterns, stability, and strength, so you’re able to use your body in optimal ways, improving performance and resolving pain and dysfunction.

The Program is Delivered Daily and Includes All Types of Exercises Required to Make Change Stick:

We are not just cases of individual muscles. Muscles and ligaments and tied together through an assortment of facial lines. Tailored specifically to developing full range of motion, learn exactly what you can do to work on and improve all the fascia, muscles, and tissues that are tied in and related to your restrictions.
Sometimes we get misunderstood and people think we are against “stretching,” but we are not. There are specific stretching techniques and timing of when we stretch that will get the most bang for our buck out of our efforts and, when used correctly, stretching can be an amazing tool in our developing range of motion toolbox.
Joint Distractions
Tight fascia, muscles, and tissues are not the only culprits at play when it comes to developing full range of motion. Joints being slightly out of place in their sockets and not gliding the way they should can be addressed through Joint Distraction Exercises and are key for our range of motion.
Movement Patterns
As adults, we lose the ability to perform certain movement patterns because we have habitual and favored movements and neglected or avoided movements. We have unresolved injuries and chronic problems that cause us to move in a compensated way. When the average adult starts to exercise with one or more limited movement patterns, the increased activity actually causes the compensation behavior to get worse. These compensated movement patterns are what lead to tight and junkie muscles, tissues, and joints. Once we loosen up, we need to re-pattern our movement to use our body the way it was designed.
We can talk about the big muscles and joints all day, but is how the whole system works together that will ultimately determine your control, strength, and power through full ranges of motion. Stability exercises help you “own” your new range of motion.
For most people, they have moved in compensated ways for so long that secondary muscles and positions have become the norm. Instead of developing optimal positions, we have spent years developing work-arounds for issues. What does this do for us? We get really good at our work-arounds. Once we develop proper mobility, stability, and movement patterns, laying strengthening exercises on top gives us the ability to actually USE our new positions in a meaningful way in workouts.

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30-Day Mobility Programs: $125

What will your do with full range of motion?!?!