Partner 2-Mile Run Relay(Alternating Lap)

Parter 2 Mile Relay Run(Alternating Lap)


Deadline:  October 31, 2014

Status:  Complete 


Date            Mile time


9/01/14      10:33:95

9/11/14       10:22:69

9/26/14     10:05:98

10/3/14     10:02:13

10/22/14   10:00:73

10/31/14  10:00:00   Final Goal

11/13/14   10:05:86      What?!?! Slower! I think we put it on cruise control thinking we had it beat.

* 12/4/14 9:48:74    Boom!  Victory!  Finally!


This goal turned out to be very incredibly difficult yet equally rewarding.  Yes, we achieved the goal almost 5 weeks after our deadline so some may view it as a failure.  So…technically we did fail to readominant our goal but when all was said and done it felt pretty dang good.  This may be because we beat the time in such

Day of the Race

Coming off a run where we got further from our goal and a week of eating too much of everything (aka Thanksgiving) we faced a foggy, wet, dark track where we could feel our feet slip a bit with each step.  Optimism was tough to find.  There really was nothing to do but start….so we uhh…did.  We started out on a fast pace but that doesn’t mean much in such a tough run where you fade fast.  This fast pace turned into a blur and the inability to calculate pace.  The exhaustion faced during this race makes it very mentally challenging.  We encouraged each other and grinded out a run of 9:48:74!  No, that’s not a typo. We  took about 17 seconds off our last run and beat our goal time in excess of 11 seconds.  Bangarang!  We were able to push ourselves so much harder than we could’ve on our own and it felt great to achieve it with a friend.

I highly recommend finding partner goal.  It makes you accountable, pushes you and is really rewarding.  We will make another challenge for ourselves and will keep you updated.

The following are a couple difficulties but beauties of this type of goal.

Scheduling-   As grown ups, things just becoming more and more difficult to schedule and this definitely comes into play for this partner goal. I chose a partner on North side of Austin and I live closer to the south.  He was a great partner so it was worth it.

Continuity-    It’s hard for one person to stay disciplined, healthy and available. 2 just makes very difficult. This just adds to the challenges of this goal.  It’s important to stay on each other about getting together.

This is not all inclusive of the difficulties.  It was hard which was what made it worth it.  Make some goals, they can be small.  My goal is make a habit in making small goals and ACHIEVING THEM.  I believe that these small goals and successes will turn into larger ones.


Much Love,




The darkness hides the glory of success!


Plenty of light on this day we missed our time.


*If joining Kyle and the rest of our community in making personal goals, e-mail us at We would love to be a part of it and help you plan for success.