Sustainable, Health, Aesthetics, & Performance made Easy!

Coaching, Insight, Accountability, and Strategies to:

  • Get the Body You’ve Always Wanted,
  • Make your Results Permanent, and
  • Make Life Easier and Enjoy it More!!!

Most people struggle with the ups and downs of getting results and then slipping back into old habits. There are so many “challenges” that promise and deliver short-term results. But what happens when the challenge is over? It’s time to stop worrying about all of this stuff and put the battle behind you, for the rest of your life! SHAPE! is designed to be an intensive 21 days of coaching that lays the foundation for realistic changes in your life that compound and snowball into dramatic, sustainable results.

When most people think of a program that promises results, they have a misconception thinking that the only way to live healthy is to be one of those extremely disciplined nerds who don’t have any fun. “I could never give up BLANK,” and “I want to be able to live my life.” Through this program, you will learn that being a healthy person, and therefore getting the results you’re looking for, is not about relying on discipline and being the weird one in the group always eating a salad. This program provides the big picture and motivation along with tools and strategies that make the maintaining the necessary changes as easy as possible. The goal is to hear you say, “I am happier now and life is easier than ever before.” This program is not about relying on willpower, it is about using tools, strategies, creating new habits, and planning to make the decisions you want to make in your life easy.

What results are we looking for? Well, that answer is different for every single person, but by digging deep in the “Why” we want these results in the first place is an essential step that most people skip right past.

“[She] who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

If results are going to last, they need to be balanced: performance (P), aesthetics (A), joint and tissue health (T), and overall health and wellness (H), what we call P.A.T.H. Results.  Aesthetics are a great motivator and we get amazing aesthetic results, but when we do things only for aesthetics, it never provides us a why strong enough to stick. Involving strategies that lead to PATH results for the life YOU want to live is the key. Although working out is vital, it is just one piece of the equation. To get the full results you’re looking for there are many other aspects of lifestyle, most of which are much easier to implement than new fitness routine, than one can incorporate to have a major impact.

We have worked with thousands of people and have seen many succeed and many struggle. This program designed to provide you an honest assessment of your goals, your lifestyle, and your efforts and put a plan together that guides you towards the life you want to live. Following this program will ensure you avoid the typical progressions and mindset mistakes most people adopt when starting a program. It is extremely common for people to think their hard work in the gym will undo other poor lifestyle choices they have adopted. It’s all about calories, and we’re burning calories in the gym, right? I’m burning off the crappy food I eat, right? Wrong! This thinking is flawed on many levels—levels which we will get into in the program.  For now, just know that you will not outwork poor lifestyle choices.

Typically, when people are looking for results, they jump into a new workout program. They start to see some results fast. It’s awesome and it’s inspiring to watch! But, very quickly, if they are not yet incorporating other lifestyle factors that influence results, then they’re likely to hit a plateau. Unfortunately, the plateau is short of being happy with their results. When most people’s progress stalls out, they are not yet to the body they had envisioned when they started the journey. Even though they’ve heard it before, they start to understand that working out is not the only factor for results. They then accept this second model here that you’ve probably seen some variation of before. We’ve all heard a bunch of different percentages thrown around with this second model, but the one we hear the most is that your results are 40% based on your workouts and 60% based on your nutrition. When most people start with us, they know, deep down, that they need to clean up their diets. But instead, they start only with working out because it disrupts their life the less and is easier to tackle. They usually eat more healthy meals than before, but, in general, there is still a lot of sugar, processed foods, and inflammatory foods in the mix. What we know is that our workouts, when paired with better nutrition, create amazing results. But this is still not the complete perspective. There are more, EASIER opportunities out there that will get you the complete results you are looking for, fast!!! 

The P.A.T.H. Results Pyramid provides the full perspective. The good news is that the two pieces hidden from our two dimensional triangle above, and those missing from most people’s lifestyles, may be the two easiest to accomplish! 

SHAPE! will help you skip all of the frustration and the steps where you figure out, painstakingly slowly , that your workouts, nutrition, sleep, AND daily movement all play a major role in health and getting the results you want. This program will keep you motivated and honest in regards to determining if you are doing the things necessary to the life you’ve always wanted to have.  

We are here for you. We have a long life to live. It’s time to go all-in, trust our proven process, and put dealing with being unhappy with aspects of your life and body behind you, for good. Through this program you will build unstoppable momentum making living life easier than it is now.

The SHAPE! Program

  • Daily Strategies, Tools, check-ins, and coaching sessions to get Sustainable Results and to Make Living Healthy Easy.
  • 2 x 60-90 Minute Phone Sessions
  • 2 x 60 Minute Phone Sessions
  • Constant Contact and Accountability
  • Mind Map of Your Why and Training Purpose
  • Realistic Goals in the Context of your Life, Your Why, and Your Training Purpose
  • Attack Plan for your Goals
  • The Lifestyle with Kyle Article Series

Because of the dedication to each individual, the coaches only work with a few clients at a time. Please fill out the form below to get more information on the next possible start date.