Trimester 1 – Week 1 – Day 5

WOD at Home Mom Week 1 – Day 5



10 Air Squats

10 Goblet Squats

10 Downward Dog Push-ups

Fitness Level Substitution: Downward Dog Knee Push-ups

10 Inch Worms

10 Front Squats (Just the bar)

Squat Cleans (Just the bar)

Fitness Level Substitution: Power Clean and then a Front Squat or just a Power Clean.

Skills / Strength

EMOTM (Every Minute on the Minute)

Clean and Jerk (Women: 95lb / PG: 55lb / Beginner: 35lb)

Fitness Level Substitution for the squat clean: Power Clean and then a Front Squat or just a Power Clean.

Perform 1 clean and jerk on the minute for 10 minutes totaling 10 clean and jerks.  Really spend this time working on your form and trying to make every clean and jerk as perfect as possible.  Use a weight which is about 50-70% of your max to get your form dialed in.  Typically, the jerk is the limiting factor in the clean and jerk.



Thrusters (Women: 45lb / PG: 35lb / Beginner: 15lb)

Push Presses (Women: 45lb / PG: 35lb / Beginner: 15lb)

Kipping Pull-ups

Fitness Level Substitution: Banded Pull-ups OR Ring Rows

You will perform 5 rounds at a moderate pace with the number of reps in each round decreasing.  The first round will have 15 thrusters, then 15 push presses, then 15 pull-ups, then 12 of each movement and on down to 3 each movement (15-12-9-6-3).  Use a little bit lighter weight then you typically use for the WODs as there are a TON of presses overhead in this WOD.  Post your time to comments.


3 Sets (1:00 Rest)

 5 Strict Presses (Just the bar)