Video Technique Analysis and Coaching

In the gym though classes and personal trainings, Coach Kyle Ligon has many different tools that he uses to help people improve their technique to maximize the effectiveness of their efforts. One of the most powerful tools he uses is perfect for online clients. Through video analysis, he pinpoints technique flaws, timing and leverage issues, and mobility and stability issues. Then, using slow motion video, setting up dual frames and video comparisons, syncing videos, Coach Kyle provides you with analysis with drawings and audio to provide you exactly what to work on and how.

Coach Kyle is obsessed with improving technique in all things weightlifting, gymnastics, kipping, and endurance. If you are interested in getting video analysis, all you need to do is hit record on your phone!

8 Exercise Videos Analyzed in Detail – $160

Coach Kyle will provide you guidance on which exercises would be best for you, how to record it and send it. From that you’ll get all the coaching you need to get you to the next level!!!