WOD Foundations Movement Flash Cards


Thruster, split jerk, power snatch, wait… what does that look like again?

Squat card back Air Squat 2h IMAGE

Sound familiar? You know the movements, but just need a little something to jog your memory on exactly what it looks like. Enter our WOD Foundations Flash Cards. Tada!


Our WOD Foundations Flash Cards will quickly remind you what each movement looks like with crisp, clean progression images of each movement you will find in any WOD. The cards are not meant to teach the move, but to cue you on what the move looks like so you can jump right into your work-out without having to watch multiple demo videos. We know that for most of you, time is one of the reasons you WOD at Home. Now you can view the WOD, grab your corresponding card(s), aaannnnnd GO!

What you’ll get:

  • More than 50 cards with all of the movements you would see in any WOD.
  • Crisp, clear images printed on 4″ x 6″ high quality card stock.
  • Table of contents card.
  • Each flash card is color coded by category with a page number in the top right-hand corner so you can easily find the card’s place back in the deck.
  • On the back of each flash card there is space for you to write cues and reminders that help you remember how to perform the movement correctly and safely (ie: “push the knees out, active shoulders, lead with the chest,” etc.) as well as space to record your personal records, notes, and goals.

WOD are you waiting for?  Get your WOD Foundations Flash Cards today!

$29.99 w/ Free Shipping to the United States.