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WOD Mar 6



See the Skills / Strength Section Today



1 minute of neck rolls

3 X 10 second hollow body holds

10 hollow body rocks

10 seconds Butt Kicks (75% Effort)

10 seconds High Knees (75% Effort)

10 seconds Butt Kicks (100% Effort)

10 seconds High Knees (100% Effort)

Skills / Strength


Work on your Hip Mobility…

Pre-Squat Hip Opener Mob-Rx | Mobility Project Episode 363




3 Sets (1:30 Rest)

Right-legged Deadlifts (touch the ground with hands, no weight)

Left-legged Deadlifts


3 Sets (1:30 Rest)

5 Right-legged Step-ups

Left-legged Step-ups

*Try and push off with your opposite leg as little as possible.  Ideally, you will be completely balanced and supported by one leg before stepping-up.


3 Sets (1:30 Rest)

10 Good Mornings (Just the Bar)


3 Sets (1:30 Rest)

10 Pistols (Alternating Legs)

Fitness Level Substitution: Banded Pistols or 2 X Air Squats

Today is more of a strength/rehab day.   Take your time on every rep and do not rush through this.  One-legged exercises are great for balance and developing equal strength and mobility in each leg and hip to avoid asymmetries.  Trust us and do the exercises today;)  You can miss one day of WODing.




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