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Kyles Garage Gym

Garage Gym - KL


Here is my new garage gym!!!

I started Sandlot Fitness, LLC here in my garage with about 5-times as much stuff a couple of years ago.  All my toys got moved into our gym leaving my garage sad and lonely.  I went back to having a regular garage (basically wasted space for me) for about  a year.  My fiance is about to move in and we struck a home decorating deal.  She gets a budget to decorate the living room and kitchen and I get my garage back!  Finally, I got the chance to get a work-out space together again!  With different goals in mind now, I went to Fringe Sport and started my shopping spree.  Instead of setting up to hold 3-5 people, I wanted space for me an a work-out partner (my fiance, a friend, or whoever it may be).


We have received a few picture of people’s WOD at Home space, so keep them coming!!! Email them to WODatHome@gmail.com.

Here is what I ended up with:

1 Kip Cage (Fringe custom lowered the pull-up bar so I didn’t hit my head on my short ceiling)

1 45lb Bomba Bar

1 35lb Bomba Bar

2 Spring Collars

Bumper Plate Pairs: 45lbs (2), 35lb (1), 25lb (2), 10lb (2)

Metal Plate Pair: 5lb

Wood Rings

70lb Kettlebell

55lb Kettlebell

35lb Kettlebell

20lb Kettlebell

2 AbMats

1 Cable Speed Jump Rope

2 Pairs of Strength Bands

Gymnastics Grips


From Rogue Fitness:

2 Medium Sandbags

Ohio Lifting Straps

Rogue Do-win Lifing Shoes

Voodo Floss Bands



Apex Roman Hyper Extension (GHD) (Amazon – $60)

Lacrosse Balls (Academy – $2 ea.)

Sand Bags – Contractor Bags / Play Sand / Duct Tape (Home Depot – $25)

Portable AC Unit (Home Depot – $400)

Horse Stall Mats (Tractor Supply Company – $40 ea.)

White Board (Home Depot – $11)

Dry Erase Markers (Amazon – $??? cheap)

Bowling Bag (to carry kettlebell while traveling) – Old

iPod Player – Old

TV – Old

Mini-fridge – Old

Couch – Old