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Happy 2016! This is how we are going to get what we want this year….

New year, new you, blah, blah, blah….. let’s prove it.

Talk is cheap.

We are busy making a detailed plan for success that includes developing new habits to over-ride bad habits, self-talk and decreasing the inertia to success.

If you are on this programming, you are truly ambitious. So ambitious to say that you can obtain your life goals doing it your way. You have bypassed the tradition Crossfit box or gym to say “I want to do it on my own.”

This ambition is irreplaceable but we need to organize and create habits to make the dreams come true.

We hope you are ready to rethink your habits and BE the person you know you can be.

Many posts are to follow on how we are rethinking our daily activities to create the habits that will lead us to success.  We are looking for sustainability in our efforts and want to avoid any cliche New Years resolution failures.

We will follow up with how we are creating a better sustainable formula for 2016.


P.S. I wanted to share a great article on how to shop Craigslist for equipment from Peter Keller of Fringe Sport.

P.S.S. We finally found an affordable squat/pullup rack that is on sale until Jan. 4, 2016.