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WOD Foundations Course Module 8 Now Available

Modules 1-8 are now available!

WOD Foundations CourseAir Squat - KL

Do not make the mistake most people make!  Included with a WOD at Home membership, learn to perform movements correctly and consistently, then, incrementally, increase the intensity.  Safety should be your priority.  Luckily for you, the most efficient way to move is the way to move the fastest and lift the most weight, which is also the safest way to move.

The WOD Foundations Course is a 12 module, online agenda where you will strategically be coached by Coach Kyle through the foundational movements utilized in most WODs (WOD = Work-out of the Day).  Our program is designed to fit into your busy schedule, in your own home, with instruction that is equivalent to that you would receive at a gym.  Join Kyle as he teaches, in depth, the skills required to WOD at Home and get the most from your work-outs.

Each module includes videos and descriptions of:

  • A concept discussion key to human movement.
  • Step-by-step instruction and tips on how to perform movements covered in the module,
  • Discussion of common faults and how to identify and correct them, and
  • Mobility exercises that can be used to strengthen the positions required for the movements.

Learn to WOD correctly, injury free.  Start lifting more, moving faster, and gaining the mobility every human should have.  Expect more out of your body.

Module 1-8 are already available!  Get started today!

Module 1: Air Squat and Push-upModule 2: Strict Pull-up, Gymnastics Kipping Pull-up and Butterfly Kipping Pull-up

Module 3: Deadlift and Back Squat

Module 4: Strict Press and Push Press

Module 5: Front Squat and Sumo-deadlift High-pull

Module 6: Ring Dip and Thruster

Module 7: Push Jerk and Split Jerk

Module 8: Overhead Squat and Snatch