Workout of the day (WOD) posts below detail out the daily workouts. Feel free to post your individual times or any general comments or questions you may have from a particular workout.

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30 Seconds Butt Kicks (50% effort)

30 Seconds High Knees (50% effort)

30 Seconds Rest

30 Seconds Butt Kicks (75% effort)

30 Seconds High Knees (75% effort)

30 Seconds Rest

30 Seconds Butt Kicks (100% effort)

30 Seconds High Knees (100% effort)

Skills / Strength


Skills / Strength Rest Day



3 X 4:00 AMRAPs (2:00 Rest)

200 meter Run

12 Burpees

12 Air Squats

AMRAP = As Many Reps As Possible

Set the clock for 4 minute rounds.  You will rest 2 minutes between each of the 4 minute rounds.  In each 4 minute round, run 200 meters, do 12 burpees, and do 12 squats, in order, as many times as you can.  Rest 2 minutes and then start the next round wherever you left off the previous round.  Post your total rounds and reps to comments.



WOD Foundations Movement Cards, crossfit form fundamentals

Air Squat



3 Rounds (1:00 Rest)

20 Walking Lunges

Walking Lunge

Walking Lunge



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