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Setting Goals, Logging Progress, and What to do Next

Setting, Logging, and Achieving Your Goals


At WOD at Home we encourage everyone to set goals, record their progress, and are here to help with what to do next.  Here are some links to get you on the right path.

Setting Goals

Motivation is vital to having success in any venture and it can come from friends, experiences or yourself. Personally, I don’t want to depend on outside factors for motivation. I want to create it myself. Creating goals is a great way to do this. Here are some specific ways to create effective goals that will propel you forward.  Read more about goal setting here.  You can also read about Coach Kyle G’s progress with his mile run and partner run under our “Goals” tab.

Log Your Progress

Use our FREE WOD at Home Log Book to help track your progress.  In it you will find:

  • Benchmark Movement logs, some with progression images
  • Body Weight Movement logs
  • Conditioning (Run/Rows) logs
  • Tabata logs
  • “The Girls” WODs and logs
  • Room for “My WODs” where you can track any work-out
  • Goals page
  • Extra space for your own notes
  • The ability to print more pages (for free) when you run out of space!

WAH Log Book Image2 WAH Log Book Image1

The document is posted on Google Docs and is FREE for you to download and print!  Get your Log Book here!

Tracking your progress (Work-outs, Personal Records, etc.) is important for many reasons!
  1. Your memory is bad.  You will not remember that you lifted x amount of weight on November 15.  Trust us.  You won’t remember it all.
  2. Progress comes gradually.  Some of your goals may take 3, 6, or more months to achieve.  Recording your steps towards your goal helps you remember to work on that goal and keep up with your progress.
  3. Humans focus on the negative.  When you log your progress you are focusing more on the positive steps you are taking towards your goals and can SEE the progress you are making!
  4. It’s fulfilling.  Let’s face it, it just feels good to achieve something you have worked hard for.  Logging your progress will help you stay motivated and it’ll feel great once you reach your goal!
  5. It helps you stay focused.  Tracking your progress is a good reminder for what you need to work on and when so you don’t lose sight of your goals.

Read the “Whys” Behind Your WOD at Home Coaches:

Coach Kyle L. – “Defining Your Training Purpose”

Coach Kyle G. – “What’s Your Why?”

Coach Aly – “Fitness Purpose vs. Goal”

You Reached A Goal!  Yay!  Now What?

Congratulate yourself!  Maybe it’s a new pair of work-out shoes or a new piece of equipment for your home gym.  Maybe it’s a special meal to treat yourself.  Whatever your “reward” is it is important to have something to work towards to help you stay motivated.

Need Help Achieving A Specific Goal?

Let us know your goals by emailing us.  We can help put you on the path to success and write you a specific plan to help you achieve your goals!  Contact us here and let us set you up for success!

Recommended Reading to Help with Your Progress

download (1)

If you are serious about learning the necessary proper technique to continue to get stronger, faster, and, ultimately, fitter, then these books are required reading! These are the few books out of the many I have come across that stand out in my mind as having the biggest positive influence on my training while working out at home.  These books ultimately were my coach and taught me how to work-out at home correctly and safely and have helped turn me into the coach and athlete I am today.  These books gave me the tools and knowledge to know how to make better decisions before, during, and after work-outs.  I have selected the books on this list because you do not need years of schooling to understand the principles and theories presented, making them a perfect tool to vastly increase your knowledge and skills on how to work-out at home.  These books are books provide actionable items and many pictures that make learning and understanding easy.  Find the book reviews HERE.

We can’t wait to hear your goals and your successes!  Happy WODding!

-WOD at Home Coaches